Fix “To Allow Access Please Respond On Your iPhone” Error

Fix “To Allow Access Please Respond On Your iPhone” Error

Most of the users have an issue with their iPhone devices. The “To allow access please respond on your iPhone” problem mainly comes when the user’s mobile device gets disabled due to wrong passcodes entries while trying to unlock the device. This disables the user’s device and then the user can not access his/her device. Today, we will show you the most efficient and easy way to fix this problem and get your Apple device working in no time.

to allow access please respond on your iphone

What Causes this Problem?

A device gets disabled when someone tries and enters multiple wrong passcodes to unlock the device. The device locks itself to prevent unattended access by others. To unlock the system, the phone suggests connecting the device to the iTunes application on a computer system. This is when the main situation arrives. After plugging in the device to the computer, the system will ask the user to Allow to sync the device with the computer. Once Continue is pressed, the system says that you need to respond from your iPhone to get the task done. But, the thing is, the phone is disabled and the user can not respond using it.

This problem seems to be a technical glitch or a bug from Apple that they are probably aware of because most of the people who face this problem have mentioned it in the Apple forums.

How To Solve “Please Respond On Your iPhone” Error?

There are two ways to solve the “To Allow Access Please Respond On Your iPhone” error. We have enlisted them to help you grasp a better understanding of the fix.

Ignoring the Error

One simple method is to ignore the error that says “To Allow Access Please Respond on Your iPhone”. After running the software on your iPhone, just wait for some time. A message will pop up saying “Trust This Computer”. Tap on that option to start the recovery process. When the setup is complete, your phone will be good to go.

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Fixing Using The Recovery Mode

Another method to solve the error is to boot the iPhone in the recovery mode first and then restoring it using a second computer system. This method works great if you have a backup already saved on the cloud or on the local storage device. Just follow the given detailed steps to fix the “To Allow Access Please Respond On Your iPhone” error.

  • The first thing you need to do it Update your iTunes PC application to the latest version.
  • Open the iTunes app and click Update to start the process.
  • Press and Hold the Power button on your Apple Device to shut down and switch off the device.
  • Slide to power off the iPhone device and wait till you see a completely black screen.
  • When switched off, connect your device to your computer system by using the provided data cable.
  • Hold the Home Button till you see the Apple Brand Logo on your screen.
  • A recovery message will pop up on your PC screen. Click OK to restore your Apple Device.
  • The iTunes app can either download the latest system update or can ask you to restore your device from a Backup.
  • If prompted, click on Restore From Backup. This option will restore your device from the recently saved backup on the cloud or even locally.
  • Wait till the process is finished. This may take some time and many users complain that the process gets stuck. But, it is not so. The restoration takes time and needs patience.

By implementing the above steps, there is an almost full chance that your iPhone device will be fixed.

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