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WhatsApp has become an important part of our lives since the past few years. When it comes to mod, there are a large number of the mods available over the web. One of the most popular and widely used whatsapp mod is FMWhatsapp apk. FMWhatsapp is considered to be one of the most optimized and fully loaded mod and is loved by its users too.

Are you searching a step by step guide for how to download FMWhatsapp apk? If yes then you have landed at the right post. In this post, we are going to give you a step by step guide by which you can use FMWhatsapp in your android phone. To know what FMWhatsapp is, read the article till the end.


What is FMWhatsApp Apk?

Whatsapp is one of the most popular and widely used messaging app. It has more than 1 billion installs over playstore. In today’s world more than 90% of people use whatsapp. A large part of population uses it for chatting with their family, friends etc. Nowadays whatsapp is also used for business.

But the disadvantage is that it lacks a lot of amazing features that can be added to it. So our loving developers had done so by creating a mod of WhatsApp known as FMWhatsapp. In original Whatsapp everything like adding people to groups, sending files is limited. But with FMWhatsapp Apk you can do everything unlimited. Moreover, there are a number of privacy features which are helpful for everyone.

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The best thing about FMWhatsapp is that it is completely free to use and doesn’t even require to root your phone. FMWhatsapp has all those features which are not provided in original WhatsApp. This makes it one of the highly customizable social media apps.

Most of the users worry about the security or viruses. Sometimes they even believe the false hype going around them. But for your convenience it is 100% safe. We are sure as we have personally tested it for more than 1 month and we didn’t found any problem with it.

App Name FMWhatsApp
Version 7.81
Developer Fouad Mods
App Size 52.02 MB
Package Name com.fmwhatsapp
App Type WhatsApp Mod
Last Update 27 December 2018

Features OF FMWhatsapp Apk:

  • FMWhatsapp is one step ahead form original whatsapp in terms of security. It provides an inbuilt app lock which helps to protect and hide your data. This makes it more secure and private to be used.
  • Original whatsapp lacks many privacy features too. There a number of people using whatsapp which do not want to show the online status. And hiding online status with normal whatsapp is impossible. But FMWhatspp gives you access to hide your online status even if you are online.
  • It also offers an amazing feature which helps you to stop the double tick even the message is delivered to you.
  • With the help of FMWhatsapp you can stop the blue ticks too even if you have  read the message. The only tick which will be appearing will be a single tick.
  • Many of you must be annoyed of getting whatsapp calls even from unknown numbers. This can be stopped using FMWhatsapp You can even filter out and choose the contacts who can call you. No one except those will be able to call you.
  • Another feature which lacks in normal whatsapp is the media sharing. In that you can only send a media up to 16 mb. But FMWhatsapp gives you access to send media of size over 700MB. It also allows you to send any type of document like .txt, DOC, PDF, APK etc.
  • Another cool feature of FMWhatsapp is the themes and customizations. It provides you more than one thousands of theme. Not only this but there are lot of ways in which you can customize your whatsapp. You can change its font too. This makes it more interesting to be used.

How to Download And Install FMWhatsapp Apk

Downloading and installing FMWhatsapp apk is super easy. Follow this easy guide in order to get the mod apk of Whatsapp

Step 1: Simply download apk of FMWhatsapp from the link given below.

   Download Apk

Step 2: Now tap on the downloaded apk and click on install. If any error comes then head up to Settings > Privacy > Unknown sources and click Allow.

Step 3: As soon as it installs, open the app and enter the number which you want to be used. Verify it by entering your OTP. Enter your name and voila! You got FMWhatsapp. Enjoy.


Using mod Apk of Whatsapp is perfectly fine. If you are bored with the stock theme of Whatsapp and looking to try a new one, then this might be best for you. Atleast try it once, if you are impressed then keep, otherwise uninstall. I am pretty sure that now you have understood how to download FMWhatsapp apk. If not, then queries are highly appreciated in the comment section.

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